About us

Tengelo is a technology consulting and IT services company focused on delivering for its customers across a wide range of mission areas. We strive to offer our customers industry-leading technologies and best practices.

Our operations are primarily in The Greater Toronto Area and Southwestern Ontario.

Our mission

To be a part of our clients succeess by partnering with them to enhance their business processes and innovate solutions for their business challenges.

What we do

Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise on your next project or implementation. We take great pride to completely understand your problems and challenges in order to efficiently provide you with best solutions possible.

Cloud & Virtualization

We have the expertise to successfully execute a range of cloud computing activities, including transitioning customers from a locally managed IT environment to the cloud, maintaining cloud datacenters, and administering virtual servers and applications.

AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultr
VMware, Citrix, Proxmox

Infrastructure Management & DevOps

Our team has extensive experience with variety of IM products, both proprietary and open source. We excel at data analysis, custom integrations and automation.

Nagios, Icinga, Cisco Prime
Zabbix, ScienceLogic, Splunk

Software Development & Agile

Many of or projects involve customized solutions to business process problems. Our team uses agile methodologies to ensure all proposed solutions are executed and implemented quickly and to your satisfaction.

Git, Gitea, Buildbot
PHP, Perl, Python

Open Source

We are not only commited to using open source technologies, but also giving back to open source projects.


Whether it's our implementation or not, we offer various support services from infrastructure management to end user support. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Website Transformation

We excel at transforming and customizing existing websites to make them modernized, simplified and easier to manage.

Mobile and Desktop

Regardless of the technologies you use, our team has a very broad proficiency in many technologies.

Windows, Mac, Linux
Android, iOS

Information Security & SMB Networking

Connectivity and security for small and medium business networks is one of our core competencies. Our services include securing your network, sensitive information and educating about best practices on security in general.

ISP comparison, VPN
pfSense, OPNsense

Business Process & Knowledge Management

We strive to analyze your business workflows and offer simplified processes, approaches and data management.

IFTTT, Huginn
Flogo, n8n.io

Our clients

Our clients range from small non-profit organizations to some of the largest global financial companies.

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